Craig's Utility Library Code 1.9

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Released: Jul 15, 2010
Updated: Jul 15, 2010 by JaCraig
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Release Notes

This update now comes in three versions. The first is the full version. This is the same setup as all previous versions (one big download, documentation, and one DLL for debug and one for release). The second version is CUL divided into its various sections. As such each sub namespace (IO, Media, etc.) are there own DLL. This is in case you wish to only use a portion of the code and wish to cut down on the size of your end product (note that some of the DLLs depend on each other, so make sure to check what is referenced by each DLL). The third version is simply all of the DLLs and the documentation.

Past that, this update contains a number of changes and added functionality:
  • Project is now updated for Visual Studio 2010.
  • FileManager and Serialization classes moved to IO namespace.
  • Reflection class moved to Reflection namespace.
  • Added WMI helper class for network and local information searching.
  • Ping class now uses Microsoft's built in ping classes.
  • Many classes rewritten for better readability
  • Redundant code removed from FileManager (optional parameters now used instead).
  • Reflection class contains many new functions (directory searching for types/assemblies, etc.)
  • Helper classes for Cisco phone development now added.
  • SQL Server helper classes added for analyzing the structure of a database, converting a database to instructions, and comparing databases and outputting instructions to get them structurally equivalent (with the exception of drops, removing columns, etc.)
  • Added spell check capability using Bing.
  • Added new functionality for StringHelper class
  • LDAP helper now has ability to search for computers.
  • Added ability to serialize an object if the object's type is not known at compile time (IL generated objects, etc.)
  • Sleep function added for worker threads.

It also contains an assortment of bug fixes:
  • Fixed issue with StringHelper's Left function
  • Fixed StringField class
  • EmailSender bug fixed if CC/BCC not set.
  • Fixed minor issue with WebBrowserHelper
  • Error catching improved in the library
  • Added better data protection and memory management for encryption classes
  • Fixed possible error if string entered into encryption classes is empty.
  • Fixed potential locking issue in singleton class
  • Fixed minor XML serialization issues.
  • Fixed issue with HTML minification in case of null text.
  • Fixed issue with CSV file reader
  • Fixed issue with image resizing.

Plus a number of other new items/fixes.

Reviews for this release

Very useful collection of code, particularly the file formats and web helpers!
by jeremyr10 on Aug 14, 2010 at 9:02 AM