Craig's Utility Library 2.1

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Released: Mar 18, 2011
Updated: Mar 18, 2011 by JaCraig
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Release Notes

This update contains the following functionality additions:
  • Added Min and Max functions to MathHelper
  • Added code for handling comments to BlogML code.
  • Added WMI based file search ability (at present only searches based on file extension).
  • Added CellularTexture class
  • Added FaultFormation class
  • Added PerlinNoise class
  • Added Akismet helper classes
  • Added Gravatar image link generator
  • Added PipeDelimited class
  • Added FaultFormation class
  • Added FluvialErosion functions to Image class
  • Added ThermalErosion functions to Image class
  • Added Turbulence functions to Image class
  • Added MidpointDisplacement class
  • Added Delimited file helper
  • Added StopWatch class to Profiler namespace (which is now being used within the profiler class)
  • Added functions to Reflection class to check if something is of a specific type
  • Added args parser class
  • Added Exists function to Factory class
  • Added OS code to WMI query (at present only queries up time).
  • Added ability to get/set indexed values in LDAP.
  • Added Between function in MathHelper class
  • Added zip file capabilities.
  • Added generic IEqualityComparer and IComparer code.

Also a number of improvements and fixes are included in this release:
  • Added argument checking to a number of classes
  • Refactored ProcessManager and Reflection class
  • Changed CSV to use Delimited class
  • Updated CSS StripWhitespace function when encountering  
  • Updated HTML RemoveIllegalCharacters (was not removing extra hyphens correctly)
  • Updated Javascript Minify function when encountering  
  • Updated Left/Right functions in StringHelper to handle values entered greater than the string length.
  • Updated NaiveBayes class to work a bit faster and added a couple of properties to make it a bit more customizable.
  • Removed/sorted usings of emit classes
  • Fixed issue if node in BTree is null.
  • Fixed spelling error in VernamEncryption class.
  • Cleaned up code a bit
  • Improved CSS StripWhiteSpace function
  • Improved Javascript Minify function
  • Cleaned up code base a bit.
  • Updated argument checking in various classes.
  • Fixed Youtube GetMovie function.
  • Fixed error when dealing with binary data in FileManager.
  • Fixed issues with MakeShallowCopy when a property does not contain a set function.
  • Fixed minor issues with RSS helper classes.
  • Moved procedural image generators to appropriate spots
  • Fixed Delimiter class to make it more obvious to override Delimiter property
  • Various fixes/changes to Reflection.Emit helper classes including:
    • Added ability to call constructors on base classes
    • Added checks in If, ElseIf, and While classes if a constant is sent in
    • Added ability to call static functions (by passing null for the object to Call)
    • Added boolean type to ConstantBuilder.
    • PropertyBuilder and DefaultPropertyBuilder now load themselves properly when calling a function on them.
    • PropertyBuilder and DefaultPropertyBuilder now are called properly when not virtual
    • Added check in EnumBuilder and TypeBuilder to see if they've been created before (and to not create them if they have).
    • Improved code a bit so that it will work under Medium trust on a web app.

Note that documentation and the simple example web app comes with UtilitiesFull and UtilitiesIndividualDLLs. However, the examples web app is rather basic (more examples will be added with time) and will be updated on its own. Note that the image found in the ExampleWebApp is the Lenna image, the spam corpus is from Bruce Guenter's spam repository, and the real email corpus is from the Enron email dataset.

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