Craig's Utility Library 3.2

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Released: Aug 31, 2012
Updated: Sep 1, 2012 by JaCraig
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Release Notes

  • Updated validation attributes so that they are inheritable.
  • Added extension method to IEnumerables that will save the entire list of objects (Utilities.ORM.ExtensionMethods)
  • Added execute capability with strings (Utilities.IO.ExtensionMethods).
  • Added FindGroupMembers function to LDAP Directory class.
  • Updated ORM so that when generating the database it sets ON DELETE CASCADE and ON DELETE SET NULL where applicable (note that items where SQL Server would complain, it just sets up the foreign key).
  • The number of calls when deleting items has been reduced.
  • Moved Command class from ORM namespace to SQL namespace and added the ability to specify parameters.
  • Added an easier way to add parameters to SQLHelper. Now if you use the AddParameter(params object[] Parameters) function, it will treat it like string formatting (so in "SELECT * FROM Table WHERE ID=@0 AND Value=@1", if you used AddParameter(10,"This is a string"), it would put the value 10 in for @0 and "This is a string" for @1.
  • Reduced the number of database calls that are made when saving an item in the ORM.
  • Added StripIllegalXML string extension. (Utilities.DataTypes.ExtensionMethods)
  • Added the ability to set a min/max for the random attributes.
  • Finished the new random extensions and added the ability to generate random classes using attributes (an example is in the unit tests for the RandomExtensions).
  • Added Scalar function to MicroORM and ORM so you can write Scalar<int>("COUNT(*)) and get the number of items total easily.
  • Added a number of random content generators (Address, City, Domain Name, Email, State, Street, Zip Code, Company, etc).
  • Added ability to specify domain and authentication type in Uri Extensions (Utilities.IO.ExtensionMethods)
  • Reworked Random class. Moved everything towards extension methods (Utilities.Random.ExtensionMethods).
  • The new extension methods are generic so calling Next<int> generates an int, Next<float> generates a float.
  • Added ability to create own generators. Strings for example have LoremIpsum, Pattern, and Regex generators in the Utilities.Random.StringGenerators namespace.
  • Added Times extension that will run a function/action the specified number of times ex: 100.Times(x=>x) creates a list of integers going from 1 to 100. (Utilities.DataTypes.ExtensionMethods)
  • Added new versions of ThrowIfNull, ThrowIfDefault, ThrowIfNullOrEmpty, and ThrowIfNullOrDBNull where you can supply your own exception.
  • Added name generators for Random namespace.
  • Added RingBuffer class to Utilities.DataTypes.
  • Added NextString to Random class that works off of a pattern (useful for generating fake data).
  • Added ToString function to LDAP Entry class for an easy view of the individual entry (exports all properties to a string).
  • Added Google API class for static maps
  • Added ability in ORM to turn off Audit tables.
  • Added Async extension to Action objects. (Utilities.DataTypes.ExtensionMethods
  • Added LevenshteinDistance extension to strings. (Utilities.DataTypes.ExtensionMethods.
  • Added ability to minify more than just HTML with HTTPCompress.
  • Added an option to remove white space when calling HTTPCompress. (Utilities.Web.ExtensionMethods)
  • Added two functions to the mapping class used in the ORM. One exposes the validation object that is used internally and another that can be overridden to allow for easy initialization of objects within the database.
  • Added XOr extension to string class (Utilities.Encryption.ExtensionMethods)
  • Updated HttpContext extensions to use HttpContextBase.
  • Added extension method to Dictionary and NameValueCollection classes to export the values as a query string (Utilities.Web.ExtensionMethods)
  • Added UserIPAddress and IfModifiedSince extension methods for HttpRequest class (Utilities.Web.ExtensionMethods)

Plus about 7 more additions and 20 fixes (ran out of space for the rest of it).

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